According to the extensive study of the market, VLMS experts found that only a few firms have shared access, of sales info, with sales representatives. It is clear that the sales team must have some level of dedication before being given access to the world of ‘sales data’.

For ages, the majority of the organizations have not given the proper support to the sales team. Due to this, it is unfair for them to expert the salesperson to build a proper tuning at the first go. As these sales personnel do not know much about their prospects, they cannot give their best at first shot.

Now, you might be wondering what sales intelligence is?  

Every single element of the business world is impacted by the latest technologies. A similar goes with the sales world. Sales intelligence can be considered as a set of new tools that guide the sales and marketing teams to explore, analyze and filter out the right set of potential clients for their businesses.

In simple words, sales intelligence helps in lead generation and to gets you ahead of the competition by delivering the latest details of the prospective audience. Sales intelligence collects all the relevant information that is already present over the internet. 

It hovers over all the social media platforms and websites to get the specific details. This technology is highly recommended in the B2B segment as it saves a lot of time. Thus, it can be said that sales intelligence acts as a catalyst for your business. 

It speeds up the process of reaching out to the right target audience, particularly in B2B industry. 

Next big question is, do you seriously need business intelligence?  

Firstly, you must be clear about your goals. It will be a waste of time and money if you keep on using software without any vision. The majority of the sales representatives do not have a clear view of their plans and this leads to waste of time.

You can look at the upcoming pointers where sales intelligence comes in very handy:

Prospects’ list building:

Proper listing of prospects and then filtering out in a stepwise manner. This surely saves time as your team can properly narrow down the right ones from a long list of prospective audiences.  

Scoring leads:

With complete and right information about prospects, it becomes easier for you to generate leads for the business. With the correct ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), sales teams can prioritize the most relevant business accounts first. This helps in closing the deals efficiently.

Data polishing:

Polishing of data means to rectify account details and to de-dupe all the associated data with it. This way, all the data available for the sales team is made up-to-date and accurate. 

Alerting feature:

It is essential to connect with the customers in their initial buying stages. Software tools give an alert as soon as someone is about to take their first step in the buying journey. The alerts can be set for different types of actions that will be taken by the customers. Moreover, the sales team can set the alert for new trends. So that they can jump on the latest trend to make the most out of it. 

Now, you must be wondering how to choose the right sales intelligence tools?

Data is at the center of sales intelligence. If you wish to smoothen your sales pipeline, you must know how to connect the dots of data in a relevant manner. This will not only save you time but also help in setting the path to connect with the right customers. Look at the following pointers that you must consider before landing on the right sales intelligence tool:

The freshness of data is the topmost priority of businesses. Due to data decay, some part of the data becomes irrelevant every year. Thus, the rate at which you revamp your prospects’ data. This step can work wonders for your business as the fresh data will lead you directly to the correct set of audiences. 

Human-verified data is the cherry on the cake. As all the data is collected using data scraping, it becomes a top priority for the companies to check the accuracy of the collected data. The majority of the brands showcase that they have a huge database. This intel can prove to be poison for your business as the quality is hindered in the machine processed data. This can lead to a huge loss for the companies. Thus, in this case, quality is more important than quantity. 

To get the best results, it is essential for you to diffuse the business intelligence tool with CRM. These tools must be able to boost your email engagement strategies as well. To avoid inaccurate data. You must check out VLMS Global’s industry-leading services.  

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