Google Trends - Helping Marketers, Researchers, Advertisers, And Many More...

Google Trends - Helping Marketers, Researchers, Advertisers, And Many More...

When it comes to searching for any information over the Web, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Google’. There are however several other tools that Google provides the ability to go beyond just a basic Search Engine service. This includes Google Translate, Google Analytics, etc. One such extended service provided by Google themselves is Google Trends.

Why Google Trends?

One of the reasons Google Trends is such a unique tool is because it's the closest a marketer can get to understanding their target audiences' Intent and what they're searching for on the web. There are over 50,000 searches every second on Google which is over 3 billion searches a day, out of which 15%-20% are new search terms. This basic information is what helps a marketer discover new trends everyday. It gives them a better idea of a particular users Intent as opposed to what they Claim they're doing. This is a major reason why advertisers, marketers, researchers and journalists are using this tool to a large extent. It's also a great way for advertisers to understand what their consumers are really looking for and wanting help with.

How Does This Help?

One of the things that Google Trends helps with is basic SEO by helping finding the right Keywords based on the latest trends and help with relevant Market research. The tool also shows trends to display product opportunity which gives marketing teams to amend their strategy accordingly based on those trends. By identifying search terms that are driving tremendous amounts of traffic AND OR are easy to rank for, Google Trends is a tool allows to connect with more people that more interested in the product or services that a company offers.

How Can One Access Google Trends?

To access this tool one cam simply search the term 'google trends' or visit Google Trends and it's the first result that comes up. Using google trends gives a deep way to drill down in to topics that consumers are searching for to understand variations on those topics, and then gives graphic information that can help a marketer or advertiser plan out those campaigns accordingly. Once you visit the dashboard, the home page will display what the most trending topic is for the day. If one searches for a particular topic, it also displays information related to similar keywords around that topic.

Who All Can Use Google Trends?

Google Trends is a game changer specifically for Digital Marketers. It helps in pretty much every aspect, everything from identifying a trending keyword, which helps a marketer, not only design but amend their marketing strategies based on popular trends within that domain. By using Trends a Content Marketer can accordingly schedule his / her Blog Post or Content publishing activities by creating a relevant Content Calendar based on the data shown for that particular keyword search term. It can also help identify product opportunities and help understand what are particular products that are trending in the market. Google Trends helps marketers define a SEO strategy by helping identify identifying topics based on keywords searched, trends within a particular demographic area and man more additional filters. Google trends wasn't aimed specifically around helping digital SEO or Content related tasks, but also other Marketing and Sales processes can benefit by using Google Trends. With the digital revolution coming about, Google Trends has certainly gained popularity among users within several business domains, and it’s use will keep growing in the future.

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