Building Sustainability into the Modern Business Landscape


The modern business landscape requires a new focus on climate responsibilities
2020 and 2021 will be remembered as a period when the world’s organizations made dramatic operational shifts at rapid speed. Businesses made fast adjustments to prioritize employee safety and adapted day-to-day business operations to new remote-friendly ways of working.
While the changes were jarring in a lot of cases, some of the new ways of working were overdue updates that will likely become commonplace in post-pandemic operations.

Here’s a important trends for modern business leaders to consider:

  • Many companies accelerated their cloud capabilities as they embraced distributed, virtual workflows
  • Employees gained new autonomy in their work
  • The information economy became the anywhere economy
  • Global emissions temporarily dipped
  • The threat of climate change has not diminished

In this eBook, we’ll explore the modern business landscape and how responsible companies are taking action to increase business productivity in the digital age and reduce their impact on the environment.

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