These power management technologies provide outstanding performance in tiny packaging, allowing for the creation of energy-efficient power systems. Value-added functions reduce current usage and allow for product differentiation through design versatility. This guidebook focuses on the voltage/current regulatory gadgets, which are a portion of the total portfolio ( products/power-management).

Diodes Incorporated has a large selection of AC-DC converter devices that may be used in a variety of purposes and industries. Diodes Incorporated has created a diverse range of switching controllers with input voltages ranging from 40V to 0.6V and output voltages as low as 0.6V. Buck converters/controllers and surge converters are two of the types.

LDO regulators from Diodes Incorporated are available in a wide variety of characteristics and functionality for customer, computer, telecommunication, transportable, and industrial uses.

Diodes Integrated guarded switches are high-side power valves that safeguard against over-current and over-temperature.

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