How growing companies can benefit from
contract lifecycle management


To research the way growing businesses (5-500 employees) manage their contracting workflows, DocuSign conducted a quantitative study of more than 600 professionals around the world. Our team explored the technology involved in contracting projects, the biggest obstacles in today’s workflows and how internal teams interact to manage agreements.

Here are a few of the biggest findings:

  • It takes growing businesses an average of 39 minutes to find a completed contract
  • More than two-thirds of modern contracting professionals still use spreadsheets and emails to manage contract workflows
  • The top two most common contract generation tools are standard word processors instead of contract-specific solutions
  • More than 50% of growing businesses are still using manual signature processes to approve contracts

In this eBook, we’ll explore the contracting needs of modern organizations, the data that indicate readiness for a CLM tool and the CLM features that solve common problems.

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