Managing rogue communications with Slack

Secure tools can curb high-risk messaging at work when they are collaborative and
pleasant to use


Since the 1930s, record-keeping has been central to market integrity in the financial sector. The Securities and Exchange Commission relies on it to enforce laws against market manipulation.

Today, our phones have replaced the filing cabinets of the 30s, and regulators can quickly find vital records on a worker’s personal iPhone. Banks must be diligent about employees not using personal devices to send texts and messages on social media about company business.

The challenge is that financial services institutions – which rely on speedy communications to stay competitive – need to connect with colleagues and customers where they want to communicate. We’ve designed Slack to bridge the gap and make work more enjoyable.

In a regulated industry where work happens quickly, Slack not only provides communications on a secure platform; it connects people, tools, customers and partners in a truly collaborative digital HQ. And users like it. According to our data, teams on Slack are 49% more productive, 88% of Slack users feel more connected to their teams and 71% say they would be unhappy if Slack were taken away.

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