Solving the Cloud-Native App Puzzle with CNAPP


Securing your modern attack risk surface requires a number of point solutions. Employing CWPPs, CSPM, SCA, and XDR into your security stack is vital for a healthy cloud environment and infrastructure. A cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) helps development, DevOps, and cloud and security teams integrate these disparate pieces to build a holistic cybersecurity strategy and ecosystem.

Trend Micro has secured hybrid cloud environments with CNAPP capabilities for over a decade and applies this knowledge to help mitigate today’s cloud security challenges. By extending our solutions beyond the cloud to email, networks, on-premises solutions, and endpoints for maximum visibility and control, Trend Micro helps IT teams leverage cloud-native applications.

Read Solving the Cloud-Native App Puzzle with CNAPP for an overview of cloud-native application protection platforms, a deep dive into its benefits, insight into sorting through the options, and guidelines on how to fit it all in with your overall cybersecurity architecture with help from Trend Micro.

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