KWS, a plant breeding corporation, has prospered on innovation since its establishment in 1856. KWS employs cutting-edge plant breeding techniques to boost farmer yields and improve disease, insect, and abiotic stress tolerance.

The organization implemented a cloud architecture with Microsoft Azure to enable employees to use digital tools from wherever they are, be it the workplace, laboratories, or on the field, in order to help their worldwide workforce to be equally effective in their everyday job.

One of his top responsibilities is to provide them with technology that will assist them in their everyday job, regardless of how remote they are from the IT department and headquarters.

In 2016, KWS began transferring the company’s systems to Microsoft Azure. KWS and Becket al. have chosen Office 365 as their core set of communication and productivity tools. KWS invited Beck et al. to install more Okta solutions throughout its infrastructure.

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