Why Mortgage Lenders need a Digital HQ


This webinar is best for:

  • Financial services professionals

Build a Digital HQ that your company needs.

The past two years have shown us how business has become increasingly complex while employees have become increasingly distributed. Market pressures are demanding new operations, customer expectations are rising, and it’s all happening while people work from different locations in different systems and application.

Research shows that the hybrid workplace is here to stay. However, without an effective way to synchronize efforts and collaborate, teams risk not meeting customer demands and business goals. So how can you make 2022 (and beyond) be the year you work smarter and better together with your team?

Things you’ll learn:

  • Current state for Mortgage Lenders in this current economic environment
  • What is a Digital HQ, and why it matters more than ever
  • How Slack deepens engagement with referral and lending partners, simplifies processes like rate/pricing approvals and helps risk teams swarm around loan exception requests

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