Microservices-based architectures and containerization are becoming increasingly popular in areas such as eCommerce and the Internet of Things (IoT). While these application designs aid in lowering latency and increasing dependability, Google Anthos is the next step forward for contemporary distributed infrastructures.

Kubernetes, the open-source orchestration technology of preference for many businesses, enables operations teams to utilise data centre resources declaratively. The issue is that scaling Kubernetes beyond a single data centre almost always necessitates a custom solution.

Google Anthos attempts to address this problem by expanding Google Cloud services to facilitate multi- or hybrid-cloud deployments without the need to manage different Kubernetes clusters or virtual machine deployments separately.

The Anthos platform works as a central control plane for the entire decentralised architecture, while Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) serves as the local control plane for containerized deployments. Anthos and GKE work together to deliver consistency to containerized applications deployed across Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services cloud environments.

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