Consumers can readily identify fake and AI-generated online reviews on leading e-commerce platforms thanks to a new browser extension.

Polygraf AI Launches Browser Extension to Expose Fake and Artificial Intelligence-Generated Consumer Reviews. New browser extension enables consumers to readily identify fake and AI-generated online reviews on leading e-commerce platforms, furthering Polygraf’s AI-powered Trust Engine’s mission to create a trustworthy digital landscape for all.

Today, Polygraf Inc. exits covert mode and releases its e-commerce browser extension. With a single click, users will be able to identify false and misleading consumer evaluations, including those generated by AI. Powered by Polygraf’s AI-powered trust engine, the extension will initially be available for products and reviews on Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

According to the World Economic Forum and the Federal Trade Commission, the global phony review market was worth $152 billion in 2021. This $59 billion was spent solely in the United States, with approximately 12 cents of every dollar spent online going towards false review-driven sales of inferior products and services. With the proliferation of Generative AI and LLMs, these numbers are anticipated to rise substantially. The Polygraf browser extension uses behavioral & sentiment AI to identify fake reviews and designate unbiased star ratings & trust scores to each product & review, thereby saving customers time & money.

Yagub Rahimov, an award-winning fintech and blockchain entrepreneur, founded Polygraf in 2021 with the intention of addressing head-on the expanding challenges posed by human- and AI-generated misinformation. The Trust Engine will be followed by other products that use Polygraf’s multilayer AI protocol to authenticate any form of digital text, video content and audio for customers, companies, and governments.

Yagub reveals his vision: “We are ten seconds into a new century.” Coexistence between AI and humans is unavoidable, and trust will be the next inalienable human right. During our internal tests, our AI protocol consistently outperformed all market-ready products in terms of precisely identifying AI-generated content and exposing malicious content. Polygraf will provide everyone with the ability to instantly verify the authenticity of online text, audio, and video with a single click. Our ecommerce browser extension is the first of a succession of products that will achieve this objective.”

Polygraf is backed by an international group of well-known strategic investors, including Punja Global Ventures, Gaingels, Seahorse Express, Machina Ventures, Sputnik ATX, Quansight Initiate, Omakase Capital, Trent Pool, Aloe Blacc, Vince Lane, Koh Onozawa, Dustin Byington, Qian Wang, and eleven others.

“With an exponentially increasing quantity of user-generated and AI-generated content flooding the internet, accurate content labeling is an absolute necessity. Among many others, government agencies, businesses, media franchises, cyber security firms, and public figures will find Polygraf’s AI verification platform particularly useful.” said Manmeet Singh Bhasin, Managing Partner at Punja Global Ventures.

The Polygraf team also includes co-founders Vignesh Karumbaya (COO), a former General Manager at The Groupshopper, Anton Stepaniuk (CMO), a former Head of the marketing sector at Samsung in Ukraine and Elyas Omar and Moldova a 22-year old Afghan refugee and cyber-security expert. 

ll contribute a wealth of functional and global experience from diverse backgrounds, and share a passion for creating a trustworthy and authentic digital ecosystem and transforming Polygraf into a global engine of trust. Polygraf AI Launches Browser Extension to Expose Fake and Artificial Intelligence-Generated Consumer Reviews

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