The industry’s largest repository of threat, vulnerability, and asset data enables unprecedented cyber risk identification and mitigation intelligence.

Today, Exposure Management startup Tenable launched ExposureAI, a set of new generative AI capabilities and services for the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform. The Snowflake-powered Tenable Exposure Graph powers ExposureAI. This unified data platform, which represents over 1 trillion unique exposures, IT assets, and security findings (vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and identities) across IT, public cloud, and OT environments, is the world’s largest repository of contextual exposure data and feeds all of Tenable’s Exposure Management products.

Prevention has traditionally been a difficulty for security personnel. Traditionally, conducting analysis, interpreting the results, and determining what actions to take to remediate and reduce risk has been a time-consuming process that places organizational security in a reactive mode. 

For AI to be utilized effectively, data and expertise are required to generate meaningful insights. Since the introduction of its dynamic Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR) in 2019, Tenable has utilized artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to assist organizations in prioritizing vulnerabilities based on the true business risk. Recently, Tenable Research made available for free to the cybersecurity community research tools that utilize generative AI. Now, Tenable uses generative AI to give security teams more power than ever before, allowing them to be more efficient and devote more resources to preventing successful attacks. The insights generated by Tenable ExposureAI make exposure management more accessible and transform all analysts into defense specialists.

Stat check: We believe Tenable has the largest exposure data stores of any security company, with over 60 billion exposure events and over 800 million distinct security configurations derived from the continuous assessment of 1 billion assets. This enables customers to perform faster analysis, decision-making, and guidance in order to remain ahead of attackers and thwart successful attacks.

Tenable ExposureAI offers three new categories of preventive security capabilities based on generative AI that are fundamental to exposure management programs:


It enables security teams to use natural language search queries to analyze assets and exposures across their environments, comprehend relevant contextual information, and prioritize remediation.


It provides specific mitigation guidance that leverages Tenable’s unmatched exposure data to provide security teams with clear visibility and concise analysis of complex attack paths, specific assets, or security findings.


Provides useful information and recommended actions based on exposures with the highest impact, enabling security teams to proactively resolve risks and reduce their overall exposure. 

Tenable has used its market-leading vulnerability management data and AI techniques for years to assist organizations in prioritizing vulnerabilities based on the business’s actual risk,  according to Glen Pendley, Chief Technology Officer of Tenable, AI is a part of their DNA. Now, they are using generative AI to give security teams more power than ever before to inform their exposure management programs and eliminate cyber risk wherever it exists.

Tenable One integrates vulnerability management, external attack surface management (EASM), identity security, web application and API scanning, and cloud security data to identify vulnerabilities prior to their exploitation by attackers. Continuously monitoring environments to provide the most comprehensive exposure management coverage available.

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