The BlackBerry Radar asset tracking solution gives you the visibility, information, and tools to more effectively manage your assets. By identifying usage trends and underutilized assets, your team can proactively take steps to improve asset utilization, reduce costs and enhance service offerings.

Dispatchers can precisely locate individual assets, and send secure, time-restricted share links with pinpoint GPS coordinates to their drivers. Protect your fleet, and get drivers to their assets quickly and safely

Manage trailer pools The BlackBerry Radar dashboard lets you check where you are under-committed, over-committed, or within range of your asset obligations to customers, helping you make efficient and effective redistribution choices

Track cargo utilization BlackBerry Radar’s sophisticated sensors display % cube space utilization for every container and trailer in your fleet. Identify underused assets and routes to better inform strategic decision making.

Track productive mileage

Track loaded / unloaded mileage with 98% accuracy Superior to hubometerbased solutions Unique chassis on / off mileage tracking feature Identify unproductive assets and routes Address unauthorized usage

Receive custom alerts so you can address unauthorized usage, like assets steering off geofenced routes or being misused for storage.

Identify trends Custom reports help you easily identify turn time, dwell, and detention trends. Exception based alerts help you act quickly.

How increasing asset utlization helps Example: A 10% increase in asset utilization for a fleet of 250 trailers raises effective cargo capacity by 25 trailers!

BlackBerry Radar asset tracking gives you visibility to each of your assets, so you can maximize utilization across your entire fleet and unlock more effective capacity without additional investment in new equipment. Innovative sensor readings from self-contained devices provide advanced and reliable information that your business can trust.

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