Cloud Tiering

Digital business ecosystems drive

Productivity, efficiency, and cost control—always core goals for CIOs—have become even more critical as organizations navigate the current economic uncertainty.

CIOs face unprecedented pressure to meet competing needs, operating under both time and funding constraints. They must lead the IT function to develop and improve products and services even as budgets tighten; shift operations to respond to market demands in real time while minimizing risk; increase industry partnerships without giving competitors an edge; and maintain business as usual despite rapidly evolving threats. How well they rise to this challenge will matter to more than just the next earnings statement—it could determine the company’s future in the new era.

Digital business ecosystems will play a major role in helping executives balance these needs while also positioning organizations for future growth. Oxford Economics worked with Google Cloud to survey 1,000 CIOs around the world and in seven industries about the ways they partner with other organizations to meet business goals— and about the technologies they rely on to make those partnerships productive and valuable.

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