Cloud Tiering

Invoice Cloud : Benefits of online payments

Unlike many sectors, tax organizations know (roughly) how each year is going to look for their team. And while annual or bi-annual tax events are expected and planned for, they still require tremendous amounts of attention and resources.

Increased staffing, for example, is often required to field the inevitable spike of collections on, or close to, the payment due date – although this measure is typically insufficient to combat the seasonal rise in call volumes and lobby traffic. The funds allocated to these tax events can become considerable, as well. Between costs associated with printing and mailing paper bills and the costs that arise from unexpected reconciliation and integration issues, tax events can become an expensive venture for billing organizations.

Not to mention the delicate nature of manual processing, which can take strenuous attention to detail. Even one error has the power to disrupt internal processes or negatively impact customer satisfaction rates – yet another ball tax teams are trying to keep in the air.

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