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The CMO’s Guide to Customer Experience

Today’s customer experience is made up of every interaction a consumer has with your brand, no matter how large or small. It’s the attitude and helpfulness of a call-center agent, the tone a store associate takes, the ease people have navigating your website, the way someone feels opening your package, the tone of your instruction manual, and your ability to respond to someone’s complaints.

All of these moments are critical to brand perception and value. They must be understood, measured and optimized just like every other touchpoint in your company’s marketing efforts.

The opportunity then becomes: How do you capitalize on these always-on, real-time insights and ensure that each interaction reinforces the brand value, brand promise, and experience you’ve worked so hard to create?

Answering this question has never been more important, as today’s realities are changing how people behave. Salesforce research found that 44% of respondents had decreased their discretionary spending since the pandemic began.

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